1.0.2 - more spoilery tweaks

We're releasing on Steam Feb 5th! If you have a friend with a VR headset but doesn't hang out on itch maybe let them know ;)

So like with the last devlog these patchnotes are spoilery so just to be safe I'm going to put this picture of Aubrey's adorable cross stitch of the sad onion before the patch notes.

Oh hey you made it. The last patch was a quick fix, this one is much more sizable. Some of these are changes we have wanted to get into the game for a long time.

Patch Notes

  • You can now shake your head to say no! (A left and right head shake, exaggerate it a bit. This will only work once the bathroom starts)
  • Before the bathroom, characters will remain nontoxic until they are told no
  • After the bathroom, any characters that might have given up are reset and all toxic characters will be toxic
  • Beer reactivates after being satisfied 


everybodys-sad-windows64.zip 76 MB
Version 1.0.2 Jan 21, 2019

Get everybody's sad

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